Now, another part of life as a composer! The experience.

Experience for composition is like any other job. For the job you need experience and you cant get experience without the job. So you have to suck up to people, seem interested in their life, mention what you do .

and this game is known as networking.

Its a fun game of trying to constantly make friends as an adult. But its not really fun.

Because of this mindset, I find anyway, its hard to trust people. "Are they just using me for a job? Do they actually want to be friends? Will they ditch me if they find another - better - person?" Ahh, the thick skin and tendancy to go numb is real with this line of work.

Job Title at Company


When do you ever hear of a composer getting a job as a composer?

I have had some commissions and actual jobs like waitressing etc. but thats boring.

So here I have coagulated a list of expererience I have acquired over the years instead:

  1. Writing for a play.

  2. Writing for a multitude of short films.

  3. writing for multiple large ensembles.

  4. writing for a multitude of small ensembles.

  5. writing for solo instruments.

  6. writing for computer (yes thats a thing)

  7. Perfromances of work all over the U.K.

  8. Performances of my work in Iceland (The country)

  9. Performance of work in the U.S.A

  10. Being a performer for 15 years.

  11. Teaching myself to film

  12. Teaching myself to Edit films.

  13. Creating films.

  14. Organising concerts.

  15. Public speaking.

  16. Learning different DAWS (Fancy stuff)

This is all simple, easy to read experiences ive had. Collectively, I have written over 200 pieces and had over 100 performances of my work. I just didnt really feel like bragging. Its honestly better to look at my CV. Im proud of how I did it. Ignore the Age, I am infact 25.