Welcome, i'm Siobhan (Shi-von) or Noni.

The title, although confusing, shows two names, Noni being my nickname and Siobhan being my real name. I prefer Noni as personally, Siobhan is only used when i'm in trouble :P. I am a composer based in Glasgow. I think i'm okay personality wise, I mean, I do swear a lot but thats just a part of being Scottish.

Im also autistic so I will never lie, always tell the truth and I know way too much about whales and rocks. I also have a fascination for building stuff, make-up (sfx and normal), art and animals.

You're probably wondering "Magical Siobhan, what is a composer?" Well, annoyingly good voice in my head, a composer is someone who writes music. Music that expresses emotion, makes you feel something or generally, something confusing. I aim to convey and produce emotion, whether you like it or not. Its basically non-consensual emotions carried out by music.

I should start a new hashtag #non-consensualmusicalemotions.

I do other things too!

I love to do a multitude of other things alongside my music and films. I love swimming, both open water and pool!

I am a seasoned fisher person and been fishing with my dad for around 22 years!

I breed fish too!

I have a lot of knowledge about reptiles, specifically snakes!

I am obsessed with aquatic life!

Looking hot af.

I also love to draw!

Most of my covers for scores and parts are hand drawn by me. I also love drawing my own album covers. I have been drawing the most unusal things too! What I love doing is combinging words, creating a new word and seeing what I come up with! Here are a few examples:

This bad boy was actually a typo on an amazon website. The colour was supposed to be mint green but ended up saying Mint Greet. I decided to draw a mint (edible plant) greeting (scottish word for crying).

Pleach came from the same website, obiously trying to say peach. I decided to make a pink leech. Not my best drawing but still pretty funny.

The final one i will show is one my friend Ellie asked me to do. I decided to combine her last name with her favourite colour. Ending up as blerry, i decided to create a bloody cherry.