What Im Working On.

A few things....

Having just finished my masters folio, I have decided to take up another 7 projects. I need to keep myself busy or else I will go insane.

But, the good news is, I am doing another film! Its going to be horror, 18+ crazy horrific stuff!

I have also been accepted as part of this years National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland's emerging composers programme. Check it out here!

There are other things in the works which I cannot make public - yet!

SHort Horror Film

Bridge week is an awesome time of year. This year I finally got selected to put on a film. Its going to be spooky, horrific, 18+ and NSFW.


Small Ensemble Work

I dont know if I am allowed to talk about it publicly yet :/

A Large Ensemble Work

Again, not public yet :(

Things are in the works, im applying for lots of shit. Its great fun...